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ECO2021 is more than a scientific congress. It is a learning platform for disseminating the best obesity research and practice in Europe, and a platform for discussion, collaboration and sharing. We have developed a programme structure that will enable delegates to interact as much as possible with presenters, so we will have plenary discussion sessions, teaching workshops, case study discussions and moderated e-poster sessions. Programme topics will be organised into four main areas;

Day 1: Basic Science
Day 2: Childhood and Adolescent Obesity
Day 3: Behavioural and Public Health
Day 4: Management and Intervention

We will also host a meet and greet terrace, where you can learn from and discuss topics with members of the patient community in a discussion lounge with the European Coalition for People Living with Obesity. In the New Investigators lounge, you will be able to meet early career researchers from around the world, and chat with senior leaders in your field of interest.

#ECO2021 will be online, but we will make it as interactive and rewarding as ever!


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